“The Lord’s Prayer”

Sermon by Rev. Jerry Shepard
May 10, 2020
Acts 17: 1-15

Rev. Jerry Shepard, Interim Minister
Frances Cadle, Ministerial Intern
Josh Hamilton, Choir Director
Joyce McGee, Accompanist
Glen Payne, Audio Technician
Ron Cadle, Liturgist

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers all over the world!

Where’s the beef?

Those were the memorable words of the 81-year-old Clara Peller, in Wendy’s commercials back in 1984.  Clara, whose acting career began at the age of 80, became a cultural icon and her immortal line, “Where’s the beef,” became a popular American expression.  The advertising campaign, by the way, was a huge success for Wendy’s, that saw their sales soar 31%.  How ironic that “Where’s the beef,” has re-emerged referring to Wendy’s because some of their restaurants don’t have beef for hamburgers because the Coronavirus has interrupted meat production. These are unprecedented times when even a hamburger chain can’t serve hamburgers.

People need haircuts – badly,  but barbers and hairstylists aren’t coming into work.  Crops are being plowed under while food pantries can’t keep up with the demand.   We all want to see our family and friends, but we isolate ourselves from each other.  Our lifestyles have been dramatically changed because of this virus that threatens our lives, our economy, and our way of life.  Our world has been turned upside down.

Turning the world upside down was the charge against Paul and his associates as they proclaimed that Jesus was the messiah who was crucified but was raised from the dead.  Paul’s message was so outlandish, that it turned the thinking of devout Jews on its head.  Paul’s teachings about Jesus was met with considerable opposition and led to the arrest of some of Paul’s associates.

This Sunday I will be talking about how Jesus turns the world, not upside down, but right side up.  As I pondered that fact as Mother’s Day approached, I realized Moms turn the world right side up too.  More about that on Sunday.  Take a look at Sunday’s scripture, Acts 17:1-15, and ponder how in this topsy-turvy world, Jesus turns the world right side up.

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