Feed them with Justice

Ezekiel 34.11-24 We are at the midpoint of a five week sermon series on the prophets. We have heard from Isaiah and Jeremiah and today we will hear from Ezekiel. Jesus was compared to prophets, he studied the prophets and taught from them. The 70+ prophets in the Old Testament were very diverse in their … [Read more…]

Forget it!

Jeremiah 31.27-40 This is the second of our five week sermon series on prophets. We are studying the prophets leading up to Lent which is the season of preparation for the Resurrection. Jesus was both compared to the prophets and used them in his teaching. The sermon schedule is on the website along with the … [Read more…]

Have you not heard?

Isaiah 40.21-31 We are beginning a sermon series on Prophets today for the 5 weeks leading up to Lent. In the Gospels Jesus is compared to prophets, like Moses and Elijah. Jesus quotes from the prophets Isaiah, Jonah, and others. Today and tomorrow we honor a modern day prophet – Martin Luther King Jr. whose … [Read more…]

Baptism Sunday

Genesis 1. 1-5 You know, context is crucial. The same exact word or phrase can have very different meanings depending on the context of the situation; grammar sometimes helps with that. The phrase, “Let’s eat, Grandma!” with a comma after “let’s eat” says I am hungry and ready to eat your delicious food. Whereas without … [Read more…]