Palm Sunday 2014

Colossians 3.1-4 My mother assists in teaching English as a second Language. She helps some Spanish speaking student by having conversations with them and recently the conversation was about Easter. Some of the Spanish speaking students said, “we don’t celebrate Easter in Mexico, (Mom looked confused – knowing that Mexico is majority Catholic with a … [Read more…]

My Eye Sees You

Job 42. 1-6, 10-17 This is our final week in the book of Job. I hope that you enjoyed this journey as much as I did. There is much to learn and contemplate in this book. Let’s do a brief and quick review. Job was a righteous and devout man, there was no one like … [Read more…]

I know my Redeemer Lives

Job 19.23-27 Here we are in our third section of Job. The reading assignment for today took us through Chapter 27.  I am sure most of you are caught up, but for anyone who has missed one a week, let’s do a quick review. — The first two chapters of  Job demonstrates that this writing … [Read more…]

Remember Me

Job 14:1-16 This is the second sermon on the book of Job.  Last Sunday we covered the first eight chapters and today we will go through the 18th chapter.  I invite all of you to join us in our study.  So let’s do a quick review.  Before we put on our spiritual glasses to find … [Read more…]

Do Not Worry!

Matthew 6.24-34 Seek first the kingdom of God and God’s and God’s righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.The alternative Jesus invites us to consider instead of worry is entering into relationship with God — the God who is infinite and whose love for us and all creation is infinite as well. … [Read more…]

The Eyes of the Heart

The Eyes of the Heart Ephesians 1.11-23 All Saints Day has been a Christian religious tradition since the fourth century. It is November 1st on the calendar, but we recognize it in worship the Sunday after November 1st. — But many churches do not recognize All Saints Day at all. Many do not include a … [Read more…]

Southern Etiquette

Southern Etiquette Luke 14.1, 7-14 A friend of mine has a mixed marriage. She is from here in Kentucky and she married a man from Wisconsin. I know – I know, I warned them. It is a mixed culture marriage and while I am all for diversity, it has caused a lot of problems through … [Read more…]