Should Life Be Fair?

Luke 1:46-56 This is the fourth Sunday of Lent and the fourth passage we are studying in Luke about Mary, the mother of Jesus. We are getting to know Mary, in a new way – not obscured by candlelight and the singing of Christmas carols. We are getting to know Mary’s heart – the heart … [Read more…]

The Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-20 On Wednesday our son, Elijah, turned 17 years old which reminded me of some of his past birthdays.  On Elijah’s 3rd birthday he received a gift that changed his life, at least up to that point. He got the first of many pairs of batman pajamas. They were gray with a black cape … [Read more…]

Breathe On Me

John 20:19-31 I promised a sermon on doubt to follow up on last Sunday’s sermon. But I must first remind you that I do not have a direct line to God. I am not privileged to information that is unavailable to you. While I make a conscious effort to be open to the Holy Spirit … [Read more…]