Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 Last Sunday was Epiphany Sunday and I told you that for us, here in the West, it is a remembrance and celebration of the Magi coming with gifts for the Christ child. As the 12th day of Christmas it marks the end of the Christmas season for the church. Epiphany is a … [Read more…]

Let Your Light Shine

I Corinthians 12:1-31 For the next few Sundays we are going to take a little journey through 1Corinthians, Paul’s letter to the church located at Corinth, Greece. A little background will help us. The Apostle Paul was the church’s most successful missionary. He was responsible for the spread of Christianity to Asia Minor and Europe. … [Read more…]

Tough Love

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 This is the second sermon in our I Corinthians series. Last Sunday, we left the Apostle Paul trying to get the church at Corinth to think and live in a new way—Christ’s way. Although he started churches all around the Mediterranean, Paul had a special relationship with this church in Greece. As … [Read more…]

Body and Spirit

1 Cor 15.35-38, 42-50 Some of you have noticed that I teach a lot in my sermons. I am at heart an educator, but there is more to it than that. Historically, Disciples of Christ have been referred to as “the people of The Book.” Now, I have spent my entire life as a Disciple … [Read more…]

Favored One

Luke 1:5-38 Some people think of Lent as a dark time – to repent and journey to Christ’s crucifixion. It IS a time of introspection, a time to take a faith life accounting, a time to get honest with ourselves and with God. It IS a time of stripping away things that separate us from … [Read more…]

Blessed Among Women

Luke 1:39-45 I have a confession – I watched some of the Oscars show last weekend. But before the actual Oscars started, there was the “Red Carpet” show. Each of the most famous people was pulled aside for the cameras so that all of America could critique each female’s gown and jewels. The interviewer would … [Read more…]

My Lord and My God

Sometimes I liken the book of Revelation to the music young people listen to these days. If I did not have teenagers in my family, I would avoid it all. I would never listen to it. Most of us would never have read much of what we were assigned to read in school if we … [Read more…]

Believe (Easter 2013)

John 20:1-18 Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve are the two best attended worship services of the year. Some people attend church only on Christmas and Easter. Many people come for the very first time or for the first time in a long time on Christmas or Easter.  At the Christmas Eve service we tell the … [Read more…]

Contemplative Life

Luke 2:1-20, 41-52 We are all so busy, aren’t we? I wrote this sermon in a café. And as I watched people coming and going, I just kept thinking, “everybody is so busy.” There were people having lunch meetings, there were others with their laptops out working, even the people who were alone had their … [Read more…]